Maintenance Performance Toolbox Selected by Air Canada

by Boeing Vancouver User Not Found | Apr 22, 2014

Boeing has announced that Air Canada has signed an agreement to implement Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox to support maintenance operations for its 767, 777, 787 and 737 MAX airplane fleets.

Boeing Canada–AeroInfo has played a key role in the development of Maintenance Performance Toolbox. The success of Toolbox in the marketplace is due in large part to AeroInfo’s continuing efforts to deliver innovation, drive costs down through process improvement and provide outstanding customer service. AeroInfo will be responsible for maintaining Toolbox into the future, and developing significant new functionality, including cloud-based full-fleet support and support for mobile devices, both of which are well underway.

Real-time information solution for Air Canada's fleets

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox suite delivers real-time access to information that technicians need to quickly resolve airplane maintenance issues. As part of the Toolbox deployment project, Boeing will also provide services for transition and migration of customized data from maintenance management applications currently used by Air Canada, and will enable integration with existing maintenance resource planning systems.

"Lean practices are essential to our operations," said Alan Butterfield, Air Canada vice president of maintenance and engineering. "By implementing Maintenance Performance Toolbox, we will be moving from legacy IT to 'lean IT' solutions. As we move ahead with fleet expansion, this Boeing solution will enable us to streamline and standardize access to maintenance information."

In addition to supporting its current fleet, Air Canada will implement Maintenance Performance Toolbox in maintenance operations for its new 787 airplanes. On April 1, Boeing and Air Canada finalized an order for 61 737 MAX airplanes. Toolbox will also be implemented for the new 737 MAX additions to the fleet as they are delivered.

Today, more than 120 airlines rely on Maintenance Performance Toolbox to support their engineering and maintenance operations, and Boeing Canada–AeroInfo is proud to develop this innovative IT solution for today’s successful airlines.

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