• Boeing’s Airplane Health Management Supports China Eastern's Fleet

    by User Not Found | Sep 29, 2014

    Last month, Boeing announced China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiaries, Shanghai Airlines and China United Airlines, are implementing Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) application to improve maintenance and engineering operations efficiency across China Eastern's rapidly growing fleets.

    Boeing and China Eastern teams have deployed AHM on 157 Next-Generation 737 airplanes. The contract extends to eventually cover AHM deployment for a total of 250 737s and 20 777-300ER (Extended Range) airplanes.

    About AHM

    AHM is currently used by more than 70 airline fleets worldwide to collect and evaluate airplane operations data while the airplane is in flight. Designed to interface with existing airplane systems and communication infrastructure, AHM captures real-time data and notifies ground crews of any potential maintenance issues before the airplane lands, minimizing schedule disruptions and maintenance delays, resulting in significant efficiencies and cost savings for airlines.

    Boeing Canada-AeroInfo’s Involvement in AHM Development

    Boeing Canada-AeroInfo is proud to be involved in the ongoing development of AHM. Working in close partnership with the Renton-based development team, Canadian developers have been involved in many aspects of the application, from day-to-day maintenance to new development work. They’ve impressed their U.S. counterparts sufficiently to have been awarded a Boeing Pride Award for rapidly developing a tool that enhances AHM usability.