• AeroInfo’s PBL iceCloud Goes Live with Boeing MHLH Delivery

    by User Not Found | Sep 09, 2013

    This past June, Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) received delivery of the first of fifteen new CH-147F Medium-to-Heavy-Lift Helicopters (MHLH) from Boeing. These helicopters are designed to move medium- to heavy-sized loads of cargo, equipment and troops during domestic and overseas missions.

    Included with the helicopter delivery, Boeing will provide in-service support to the MHLH fleet for the next 20 years under a Performance-Based Logistics contract. Since the contract was awarded to Boeing back in 2009, Boeing Canada ‒ AeroInfo has been hard at work developing an innovative collaborative-information environment that is an integral part of the support solution.

    As part of Boeing’s Electronic Information Environment team for the MHLH In-Service Support program, AeroInfo designed and configured the Performance Measurement System (PfMS) which will be used by the both the Boeing and Department of National Defence (DND) Program Office to manage the performance of the contract.

    The PfMS is part of an overall support solution called PBL iceCloud, which has been developed and implemented for this Canadian program. The team took a product-centric perspective in its design, leveraging best in-class COTS products to enable both extensibility and configurability. As a result, the solution is readily configurable to support other future Performance Based Logistics (PBL) programs in the international Defense market.

    Boeing Canada ‒ AeroInfo is proud of its role in helping to develop a truly world-class in-service support program for the MHLH fleet that will provide advanced capabilities in supporting our own Canadian Forces and their missions for many years to come.