• Boeing Celebrates AeroInfo’s Work on Maintenance Performance Toolbox

    by User Not Found | Sep 04, 2012

    On July 24th, AeroInfo hosted the Boeing Toolbox Leadership team for a special recognition event of AeroInfo’s contribution to Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox, a software toolset designed to help airline and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) customers manage the digital maintenance and repair data needed for comprehensive aviation maintenance.

    The recognition event was intended to celebrate the dedicated work of AeroInfo’s development teams to accomplish a major release of the software, and to celebrate the 100th customer milestone for Toolbox.

    During the recognition event in July, the following remarkable statistics were made public:

    • Maintenance Performance Toolbox now has 109 customers, in contrast to Boeing’s major competitor in this area, who has a customer base of 20 for its aviation maintenance software. 
    • If you’re flying on one of the 4500 in-service Boeing 737s, there is a 66% probability that it is being maintained using Maintenance Performance Toolbox. 
    • On a monthly basis, there are 30-million hits, 180,000 unique visits and 800,000 Megabytes of network traffic to Maintenance Performance Toolbox on My Boeing Fleet.  

    The success of Toolbox in the marketplace is due in large part to AeroInfo’s continuing efforts to deliver innovation, drive costs down through process improvement and provide outstanding customer service. Boeing’s customers have benefited with a continuously improving set of tools that provide maintenance-management functionality that truly optimizes maintenance operations.

    AeroInfo will be responsible for maintaining Toolbox into the future, and developing significant new functionality, including full-fleet support and support for mobile devices.