Solutions Delivery

Increased productivity and satisfaction — two of the most important outcomes of our work developing and delivering effective IT solutions to your organization. It’s these kinds of bottom-line outcomes that we focus on when we undertake our client projects.

But what are the keys to our success?

  1. We’re transportation and logistics experts – Our project team members have long histories in a variety of transportation industries, giving you the added benefit of business analysis and industry knowledge on top of our technological expertise. Our Business Advisory experts add a crucial element to our offerings.
  2. Proven methodology – We follow proven problem-solving techniques for bringing to light your software and hardware challenges. Our staff are PMI-certified and we follow the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) approach to internal process improvement.
  3. Flexible and efficient delivery model – We’re able to work with both on-shore and off-shore resources, to offer you comprehensive solutions at prices that can fit most budgets. We’ve also completed numerous projects in partnership with our client’s in-house IT teams and emphasize the value of knowledge transfer to your team.
  4. Extensive solutions architecture and prototyping – Our experienced solution architects determine the correct mix of application software and technical infrastructure to solve your enterprise-scale challenges. We work with our client’s business experts to rapidly understand the domain and build working software prototypes to validate the solutions.
  5. Comprehensive implementation models – From training development and delivery to the challenges of data migration, clients value our full-lifecycle approach for the convenience it offers them.
  6. Continuity for your maintenance and support needs – Unlike many other firms, we value and manage your maintenance and support functions ourselves rather than outsourcing them. This full-service approach enables us to conduct all phases of your project: from design and build, to deployment, management and support.

For more information on our Solutions Delivery work, contact us.